Who Are We?

Women in Resources Inc. are a voluntary, not-for-profit member organisation that represents and promotes women in the resources sector in the Territory. The network originated out of a need identified by industry and driven by committed women in the sector. A committee consisting of 11 individuals represent the following sectors: construction, mining, oil and gas, transport and logistics and support services.

Women in Resources works together with government, industry and community organisations to champion initiatives such as talks and networking events primarily aimed at bringing together women in varied job roles from all areas of the primary resources industry.

Events are scheduled to run quarterly to bring women together to discuss points of interest, initiate strategies for increasing the female workforce and provide professional development through workshops and guest speakers.

Janine Simpson, Emma Walker, Linda Snyman, Kirsty Hogarth, Bronwyn Flynn, Bronya Wiklund, Nedra Burns, Claudia Vejrazka, Sarah Harris, Lucinda Jones and Dawn Schippe. Photo: Steve Gosch

Labour Force Participation by Industry

Currently, 35 per cent of full time workers are women. In 2010-2011 women aged 20 – 74 years represented only a small fraction of industries including 22 per cent in transport, 15 per cent in mining and 11 per cent in construction. These statistics demonstrate women still have a long way to go. For more details visit Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Our Objectives

The objectives and purposes of Women in Resources is to:

Provide networking and development opportunities for industry stakeholders,

Create a forum for information exchange on industry matters,

Promote the industry as a career of choice, and

Assist companies with improving the attraction and retention of women in the workforce.


Meet the WiR Committee

The WiR committee is made up of volunteers from across the NT’s resources sector. The committee meets regularly to discuss areas of action towards gender inclusion in the industry.

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