Gender Diversity Champion 2022

Award Sponsor

Alex Hales from Glencore McArthur River Mine

The Rio Tinto Gove Operations Gender Diversity Champion 2022 is Alex Hales from Glencore McArthur River Mine.

This award is open to any individual, who has shown excellence in the encouragement, promotion and advocacy for the attraction, retention and promotion of women within their company and/or the Northern Territory resources sector. Alex is a champion for diversity in the resources sector, leading an inclusive program across the technical division of McArthur River Mine.

Alex’s leadership is demonstrated through his support and promotion of women in trade positions within the resource sector. As part of this commitment, Alex promotes inclusion for female trade’s persons, giving his time for the diversity committee onsite, volunteering as a mentor for female professionals, as well as championing flexible working arrangements to support women’s employment in the industry.

Alex is also a key driver to supporting McArthur River Mine’s female employees returning to work following maternity leave. With a career spanning 21 years across mechanical and mining, Alex is well known as a mentor and supporter to his team, going out of his way to ensure his crew have what they need to be able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive work culture and environment. Alex is known for being approachable, as well as having a welcoming attitude towards staff, new and existing, while inspiring women to become the next leaders in the resource sector.