Santos Exceptional Young Woman In Resources 2023

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Meg Parry from ERA

Santos Exceptional Young Woman 2023 is Meg Parry from ERA

This award category is for exceptional women under 30 years of age who have worked in the resources sector from one to five years, in any occupation.  This category recognises an outstanding young woman who has shown significant promise and achieved significant milestones in her career to date.  It also recognises her ability to network and mentor other young women.

Meg Parry has worked for Energy Resources of Australia on the Ranger Rehabilitation Project since March 2019. Meg started her career as a Rio Tinto Environment Graduate in the Rehabilitation and Ecology Team. She was eager to learn and quickly took on more responsibilities, including fieldwork, managing seeds, identifying gaps in the team’s study plan, designing and implementing research, reporting and presenting findings internally and externally, and improving old systems. Meg swiftly became a vital interface with numerous stakeholders, including state and federal government bodies, scientific regulatory boards, and traditional landowner groups.