Skymax Technological Innovation Awardee

Award Sponsor

Eva Lebedeva from McArthur River Mine

This award recognises the achievements of a woman who has developed and applied technological innovation in mining. It also recognises the innovative solutions that she has developed or applied in a unique/innovative way in the NT resources industry.

Eva is a Senior Environmental Chemist in the Laboratory at McArthur River Mine. In her role, Eva works as part of an in-house Research and Development team that supports the wider fields of Chemistry and minerology. Working in partnership with Glencore Technology, Eva investigates, trials and develops analytical methods to improve laboratory testing to drive operational improvement outcomes that benefit the wider resource sector.

Eva graduated University in Russia in 2005 as an Environmental Geoscientist. In 2007, Eva received a scholarship from the Australian National University to undertake her PhD at Research School of Physics and Engineering at the Department of Applied Mathematics. The work of her PHD specifically related to the oil industry where she studied interfacial reactions at different mineral surfaces (carbonate rocks and clays).

Together with her supervisors Eva has published eight research papers that continue to be cited as leading research literature to this day. Eva has presented her work in France, US, Canada and Australia.