Outstanding Trades Operator

Award Sponsor

Lauren O'Neill

Lauren is compassionate, committed and capable. She joined GEMCO’s team of Emergency Services Officers in 2017 as the first-ever female ESO employee. She brought a wide and deep range of experiences and fresh ideas because of her prior roles in Emergency Services and security, complemented by her volunteer work with St John Ambulance.
Lauren has worked hard to continually improve her professional and personal skills and health professional knowledge while helping those around her to do the same. While living in Queensland and working in the Northern Territory, Lauren completed her degree in paramedical science externally through the University of Western Australia – a great example of the commitment she shows to her work and personal improvement.
Lauren is frequently sought out by other female employees and contractors on site who often appreciate the opportunity
to discuss personal medical or mental health issues with a female. As her crew’s Leading Hand, Lauren shows leadership
by helping to plan weekly work schedules and training programs and has frequently acted-up into the Supervisor role. She thrives on participating in school and community visits and regularly meets other work groups on site to discuss ES issues and provide training.