Outstanding Tradesperson / Operator / Technician Winner for 2022

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Tanya Nakata from ERA

The INPEX Australia Outstanding Tradesperson / Operator / Technician Winner for 2022 is Tanya Nakata from ERA.

This award recognises the achievements of women working in trades, operators or technicians in the resources sector in the Northern Territory, breaking new ground for women in non-traditional fields. It also recognises her resilience, achievement of goals and mentoring of other women in these fields.
Tanya Nakata is a proud Torres Strait Islander with a diverse fifteen year career in the resource sector. As a Water Technician at Ranger Uranium Mine, Tanya is often off four-wheel driving on boggy bushland tracks to access bores, or riding helicopters to sample remote creeks. Heat and humidity can be extreme, and it is not uncommon for her to encounter buffalos or crocodiles. Despite these challenges, Tanya loves her work because it helps ensure important, pristine waterways remain protected.

During her career, Tanya has had to deal with stereotyping based on her background and gender. She has had to fight people’s preconceived ideas of her capabilities and which roles were suitable for her. Rather than wearing her down, Tanya used this as fuel to drive her forward and excel. She was determined to prove people wrong and show that she deserved to be respected and taken seriously.

Tanya’s strongest quality is being able to bring together diverse groups of people from all walks of life. She is a big supporter of woman in the industry and has been instrumental in training female indigenous trainees at Ranger Mine. Mentoring young people, particularly other First Nations women, is Tanya’s proudest accomplishment.