Finalists - 2018 Women in Resources Excellence Awards

A hard task for our Judges every year, we are pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 Women in Resources Excellence Awards.

Exceptional Woman in Resources

Jill Woodworth - GHD

Julie Toseski - Energy Resources of Australia

Kalpana Maharage - South32 GEMCO

Jessica Simpson - Energy Resources of Australia

Alicia Sherwood - Rio Tinto


Exceptional Young Woman in Resources

Hayley Booth - Glencore McArthur River Mine

Helen Gill - South32 GEMCO

Shannon Turner - Newmont Tanami Operations


Outstanding Tradeswoman, Operator or Technician

Amber Trow - Newmont Tanami Operations

Katrina Bangay - Energy Resources of Australia

Kim Wilkinson - Rio Tinto

Marie Rowell - Energy Resources of Australia


Gender Diversity Champion

Linda Murry - Rio Tinto Gove Operations

Mark Monaghan - Engineers Australia Northern

Stefania Fikus - GHD


Excellence in Diversity Programs

Energy Resources of Australia - Ranger Women's Network

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2018 Newmont Tanami Women in Resources Excellence Awards Dinner on Friday 22nd June.

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