After 10years of Inc. it's time for a refresh!

Over the last 10 years we have grown with the resource sector to advocate for women, not just in the NT, we have a seat at WiMnet national forum, and also globally as a foundation member of the IWiM Alliance.

We felt that in order to continue to grow our representation we needed to ensure we found ways to increase our connection and services to our members.

As of 2022 you will notice a change to our logo. The logo expands on the original logo, in that its foundation takes on the form of a drill. You will notice that the shape increases in size demonstrating growth. This growth means: growth of the number of women in the sector, growth as an association, growth of an industry and growth towards in inclusion and diversity.

Growth however can not happen if we are not all aligned and working together, each individual is different, but works collaboratively to achieve growth.

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